Welcome to the Last Chance for Christmas Online Elite Auction from December 20th-23rd 2020!

It is a great pleasure for us to offer you a festive exclusive collection.

In this auction we present 14 dressage horses, among which all interested can find the horse that best suits their needs of our soon-to-be hammered offering.

From 4-year-old promising young horses with excellent abilities, to sport horses
with outstanding international achievements, to experienced training horses, everything can be found in our portfolio.



About the Dressurzentrum Máriakálnok

The riding center of Máriakálnok is approximately 1 hour drive from Vienna, and not much further from Budapest. Its CEO has been Anikó Losonczy since 2015, when she returned to Hungary and begun putting to use that 15 years worth of experience she had accumulated while working in Germany.

Anikó started to ride at 10, she became the Young Hungarian Rider Champion in 2000, then in 2002 she relocated to Germany to improve her riding skills and to broaden her horizon. She started to contest in Grand Prix in 2005, then in 2017 she was part of the Hungarian team in the European Championship in Göteborg.

After many years work in Germany she returned home in 2015 to open her own trading stable in Máriakálnok.  Apart from trading, Dressurzentrum Ltd. is specialized in dressage training and is known to host popular international dressage events as well.

The firm employs a number of excellent trainers and riders to develop the skills of both riders and horses. Among them is Iryna Lis who is a two-time participant of the Olympic Games.

The International Dressage Festival of Máriakalnok - one of the most prestigious international dressage events in Eastern Europe - has been taking place here every year since 2016. The festival hosted 3 Worldcups (CDI-W) so far.

Several internationally acclaimed sport horses have been marketed by Dressurzentrum over the years, like Deep Impact (Severo Jurado López), Qatar (Berill Szőke Tóth) and Flash Dancer (Dressage Grand Ducal), among others.